One day, in the park of the Great Mosque of Bandung, I saw some “minimalist side” of this scenery. Yeah, look the photo above ^0^.

Minimalist photo tends to be simple, but sometimes it creates a trap for viewers.

Some of the trap always seen every day in Instagram feeds, that combines bright and vivid colours, or deep-ambience colour. It contains such an artsy feeds which could blow your mind, “How could people be over creative like that?”

The minimalist photo actually never gets dull nor lost of its viewers. As well Instagram feeds demand minimalist photo in specific tags, creator, or else, it always lives along the zeitgeist.

Download officially as a support for the creator. 

Full description: 

Full of trees’ scenery and bunch of white clouds in front of Great Mosque Bandung, Indonesia. 

Stock photo by: nadijahp on Foap.

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